3 Twitter Tweaks you Should Know

Sunday, 26 February 2012 0 comments

3 Twitter Tweaks you Should KnowAs Twitter has also been an Interesting and a popular Social Networking Site, there are some unknown or rarely known 3 Twitter tweaks that you need to be aware of. All of us know that tweeting is been a popular trend nowadays and Twitter has been growing it's users rapidly all around th World. As most celebrities and stars are joining it, sharing their personal lives' happenings via tweets, as such, Twitter is been an interesting place to hang around. But Twitter has some unknown tweaks that most people aren't aware about. As such, today i will be sharing 3 3 Twitter Tweaks you Should Know which include tricks like Posting a tweet longer then 140 characters. know who unfollowed you on twitter,etc.

Trick to tweet more then 140 Characters

Go to the Site - www.twitlonger.com .
  • Sign in with your Twitter login credentials.
  • Enter your text that you want to tweet in the text box and Click on Post.
  • Your half tweet will appear and the rest can be seen by clicking on the link. 

Know who unfollowed you on Twitter

  • Just go to http://twunfollow.com/
  • Sign in and now you will be notified about the information when someone unfollowed you.

Add Background to Twitter

If you want to tweak the look or the layout of your twitter profile, then you are the right place. Now there's even a way to customize your blog's backgrounds according to your choice. If you wish to tweak background in Twitter, Just follow this site - http://www.tweetstyle.com/ 


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