Convert an Old Hard Drive Into a Smartphone Stand, Pen Holder, LED Lamp, and Secret Data Storage System

Thursday, 22 March 2012 0 comments

About this project:

A Hidden Flash-Memory That Only you know how to turn it on and use it secretly.

This is a DIY hack project that allows you to recycle your broken hard-drives back to live and turn them to something useful.

This is the full Schematic Diagram:
PDF version:
This project has got several functions as follows:

1. it is an LED desktop light while studying or can be used as monitor light.

2. it is a pen holder on desk-top.

3. it is a cell phone stand, or holder and a cell phone USB charger, it charges the cell-phone as soon as you connect the cable to your cell phone.

4. There is a hidden flash drive that has no way to be detected by the computer, unless you trigger the LDR sensor by an external single LED flash light. The flash light generates a small signal on the LDR surface and that small signal is enough to BASE Biasing of the transistor to allow a significant current through the relay coil and turn on the positive DC source for the flash-drive.


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