Create A Nameless Folder In Windows

Friday, 23 March 2012 0 comments
You will wonder after reading title that a NAMELESS folder ? Yes you can. Today I am going to share this Marvelous trick with you. I think you never knew that you can make a folder without any name. So here I am going to share this trick how to create a nameless folder in windows.You can impress your friends by showing a BLANK / NAMELESS folder. Its is so simple to do nothing hard.


1. Create a new folder.
2. Select that folder and press F12 or right click and chose rename option.
3. Now hold Alt key and type 0160 via Num-Pad.
4. Now Release Alt key and press enter.
5. Now you have a Nameless folder.

Yes, Now you have a nameless folder. Now show it to your friends to impress them. You also can blank any file via this trick.


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