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Install Windows 8 from a USB Thumb Drive

How to create a bootable USB installation image of Windows 8 so that you can directly install windows 8 from a USB thumb drive, instead of burring the image to a optical DVD disk using the Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool.

Windows 8 Dual Boot Installation

Installation and step by step guide on how to install windows 8 on a windows 7 computer and dual boot between both windows 7 and windows 8 easily and both win 7 and win8 are installed on a single hard disk.

Using Virtual Machine 

Easily install windows 8 on a windows 7 computer using the VM. What is in this video is step by step install guide on how to do the same, we will be using the Oracle Virtualbox and Windows 8 consumer preview for the same.
Windows 8 dual boot installation step by step guide
Windows 8 Developer Preview Download


How To Enable The Original Start Menu In Windows 8 / Disable Metro UI

The Windows 8 Dev Build is great, but the Metro UI has more than a few quirks. If you want to run IE 10, and still have a Start Menu, (or be able to find your programs after you install them) then you need to make this small change to the registry.

Windows 8:How to shutdown or restart Windows 8

Uninstall or Remove and Switch Back

Windows 8 Dual Boot Priority Setting Windows 7 as Default OS

Changing the boot priority to windows 7 from windows 8 in a dual boot system which has the default boot set to windows 8 OS.

Remove Window 8 and Reclaim that Disk Space back to windows 7

How to delete windows 8 and its partition that we had created using the step by step guide on installation windows 8 and dual booting with windows 7.

Windows 8 Insider Tips

Want to get the most out of Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Here is a talk about the new Task Manager, Storage Space, Paul Thurrott's primer on customizing your Windows 8 start page, who shouldn't upgrade to Win8.... and show off Windows 8 Versions Explained, which explains the EIGHT versions of Win8 we expect to see! 


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