The Browser You Loved to Hate- Microsoft Internet Explorer

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THE BROWSER YOU LOVED TO HATE - Microsoft Internet Explorer's New Ad Campaign
IE - The Browser
You Loved To Hate
We have seen in our recent posts about browser war how Chrome is running at a supersonic speed and how it made Firefox change its release process. We wrote a lot of good things about Chrome and Firefox but I don’t think we wrote anything good about Internet Explorer anytime. It’s not only us, almost everyone in web development community hated IE. Majority of IE users are either that who does not know much about browsers and go with the default one installed in windows or in corporate offices where installation of third party software is banned by their respective IT departments. So we can say IE is the browser we love to hate and now it's official.  

Well, It seems even Microsoft is aware about this hatred and for a surprise they have taken all the criticism in a positive manner. Microsoft has come up with a new ad campaign title as The Browser You Loved To Hate. IE has accepted that people had abused IE a lot in recent times but they want a makeover now. IE9 is supposedly written from scratch and it might change people’s perspective about IE. At least this website tries to show that only. A lot of testimonials from some very respected news papers and blogs. The truth can only be experienced by using it. We have seen a lot of interesting ad campaigns from Microsoft and Google in recent past; let's see how much popularity this campaign can gain for IE.

THE BROWSER YOU LOVED TO HATE - Microsoft Internet Explorer's New Ad Campaign
The Browser You Loved To Hate - Microsoft's New Ad Campaign
Internet Explorer is fast. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it’s not anymore. The latest release loads your favourite sites faster according to both real world site performance tests and industry benchmarks likeSunSpider.
- New York Times

It looks like browser war is not going to end in coming time. Only player who was not taking the game seriously was IE but with IE9 and IE10 things have changed. Chrome andFirefox have to come up with something new and interesting to keep IE out of competition. I tried IE9 recently and I must admit it’s much better than its predecessors and it can present a serious challenge for Firefox and Chrome. Let’s wait and watch what other browsers have in their kitty to offer. 

Internet Explorer is the only browser which increased its market share in March 2012. Every other browser saw a decline. Don't laugh, it’s not a joke and I am not drunk. Even I am shocked to see the recent reports published by Net Applications. We recently talked about new innovativemarketing strategy by Microsoft for IE 9. It seems it is working for Microsoft. They have gained a significant 1% increment in March from February even when Chrome crossed IE for one day. 

So what's the possible reason behind this? Has IE really improved that much? Is Chrome and Firefoxmaking any basic mistake to lose market share? We recently saw that Google Chrome usage increases on weekends when people are free to choose their own choice of browsers. On weekdays employees have to use browser which is allowed in offices. Well, it seems IE is trying to play dominantly in the user base where they are already strong, in corporate user base. Chrome and Firefox have decreased the time between subsequent stable releases and they do not support more than two older releases. Chrome has a release cycle of 6 weeks so that means they won't support their current stable version after three months. For a normal user it’s okay to update his browser on a regular basis but for corporate offices it does not make sense. They have thousands of Desktops to maintain together, so they prefer software which has longer support duration. Chrome and Firefox might be loosing market share due to this one reason and IE is scoring points here. 

With a gain of .99% last month and a net gain of 1.2% global usage share over the last five months, Internet Explorer has stabilized and even reversed its usage share declines of the last few years.

Another reason behind this could be adoption of Windows 7. IE 9 is available only for Windows 7 and not for Windows XP. So as more people have started using Windows 7 more people are using IE9. IE 8 still dominating the market with almost 25% while IE 8 is close second with 15%. Windows 8 is already in pipeline by Microsoft. Reviews of Windows 8 has been exciting till now and this means further increment in browser share of IE.

So browser war is heating up. Microsoft and Internet Explorer have taken the criticism positively and they have worked hard to get back into competition. Chrome and Firefox have been steady but they did not face much competition from IE last year.



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