CO2 powered Mechanical Wings-Pseudo-Bionic sculpture

Saturday, 28 April 2012 0 comments
The story of Icarus and the powerful story of his failed ambition is very well known. However, the good designers over at Bionic Concepts think that the problem could have easily been fixed if Daedalus had simply used metal and LED lights to fashion the wings his son used to escape the Crete. Fitted with brilliant LED light effects, the pair of gas-powered mechanical wings doesn’t do much other than basically swinging open and swinging shut in spectacular fashion but we bet they are really good for putting the love of god in unsuspecting public for sure.
At the flick of a switch, the wings open to 4.5 feet wide that ensure that no one dares to invade your extended personal space and no, despite what the seller of this thing calls himself, the wings do not provide any bionic functionality whatsoever. A handheld control pad allows you to time the opening and closing of the wings and the light effects and a set of 8 AA batteries powers the LEDs used in the wings which are powered by small CO2 gas cartridges.
Each cartridge is good for 40 opening and closings and the pair comes with 6 CO2 cartridges included in the purchase. With the limited functionality and what seems like a potentially hazardous mode of operation (which may leave you or someone standing close to you maimed or decapitated), we really don’t think many people in their right mind would want to own a pair like this but if you’re still interested, the Gas Powered Mechanical Wings can be yours for $810 Canadian dollars.





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