Camalien LED watch

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Peter & Sam say: The initial idea for Camalien was a watch that changes its colour with the mood of the wearer. But mood is an abstract thing that could be dozens of measurable things in reality. We kept the colour changing aspect and gave the watch a camera.

The display of Camalien reacts to the environment like a chameleon.
The base technology for this concept consists of multicolour LEDs. They are arranged in a honeycomb-like array creating this cool hexagon pattern similar to reptilian skin. With such an array many things are possible:
Time telling: Time can be told with the press of a button. Four numbers in HH/MM mode tell the time. Another press reveals the date in MM/DD mode.
Assimilation mode: This mode lets the display pulse in the colour of the environment, looking like an adapting chameleon. The camera delivers the necessary data and a software translates reality into hexagon matrix colour information.
Time pulse: The could be an automatic animation mode that lets the display pulse up in current environment colours with an overlay of the current time.
Wordstream mode: The array also allows to post messages. It’s nothing for emergencies, but fun! We suggest an interactivity with a smartphone (Bluetooth) or the computer (USB) to be able to edit text. Just tell everyone what you think!
Response mode: With this mode, the watch displays words, that are normally associated to colours and patterns. Imagine, you are in a blank white room. Camalien would show “boring” to you. If you are in a room with red flashing lights, Camalien would show for example “ouch, my eye!” This behaviour lets the watch seem to have a consciousness.
Capture mode: This would allow you to capture an environment and save it, by holding the button for two seconds. So parallel to the automatic Assimilation mode, this gives you a chance to control the display. If you like the colours of a painting, you can save them.
Composition mode: This mode offers a range of display patterns (stripes, dots, circles etc.). You can capture some colours nearby and then compose them into a geometrical pattern of your choice. Adapt the display to the situation you are in, be it a game of your favourite team or being in the cinema or a club or even a museum!
Swarm mode: Since we suggest Bluetooth connectivity, Camalien should also react to other watches of it’s kind in range. Every watch in range could suddenly show up the same display or share previously programmed information… the possibilities are endless.
Camalien is a fashion accessory with quite some options to customise. Adapt to your environment, show your mood, display your team colours, make your outfit complete!



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