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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 0 comments
While surfing internet, we become bored sometimes. Do you know how to refresh our mind? Via playing games. I know offline games are not good choice for just entertainment. They are for hard gamers. We are talking just about entertainment.

So there are many HTML5 games on internet. They are really so addictive. I play these games when I become bored and they refresh my mind. HTML5 games are not like other online games which take much time to load or hard to play. They are simple and addictive. They load so fast and easy to play. So lets have a look at the list.

1) Angry Birds

Great Online HTML5 Games: Angry Birds

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2) Slither

Great Online HTML5 Games: Slither

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3) Robots Are People Too

Great Online HTML5 Games: Robots are people too

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4) Crystal Galaxy

Great Online HTML5 Games: Crystal GAlaxy

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5) Agent 008 Ball

Great Online HTML5 Games:Agent 008 Ball

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