All-Terrain Electric Beast

Friday, 24 February 2012 0 comments
This new concept car redefines from scratch the guidelines for the development of eco-friendly vehicles: Nature is the most mind-boggling masterpiece of ever and her creatures are more blazing than a handcrafted jewelry, and this was well kept in Alekseev Andrey’s mind when he created this all terrain vehicle: in fact he got inspired by the Russian fairy tales in which the bears symbolize strength, kindness and mystique at the same time.

It was designed to face the terrible and harsh weather of Siberia, where is not uncommon to climb snowy roads or marshy and muddy ways. Misha broke down the embankment between jeep and eco-car: it gets power from the four electric motors housed on each wheel and it uses hydrogen fuel cells for the emission free rides.
Moreover, air suspension allows to change the ground clearance and Michelin wheels has retractable claws, like a bear, to grip on the most treacherous soil.
It is addressed to young families; its interior is very changeable: it burns as a car, but can easily become a mini-rest room where the two front seats swivel to face the rear two and a large circular panel can be turned into a TV or games console.



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