Future Transportation with Tails

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Currently, the majority of public transport is fossil fuelled, creating pollution and constantly reliant on finite resources; however many alternatives, such as Metro lines, are being researched. Some of them may seem like ideas drawn from science fiction, such as mag-lev cars (as featured in Minority Report), whilst others just seem preposterous, but the drive to find eco-friendly forms of transport is on.
Self-driving cars: Like in Minority Report, where people travel by remote-controlled, mag-lev cars, the idea of a self-driving car or PRT (personal rapid transit) has been around for years. Imagine, just getting into your car and instead of having to navigate the streets on the way to work, you simply start checking your emails or enjoy your breakfast. Recently, major cities such as London have been toying with the idea in order to combat congestion. These 'driver-less pods' would be used as taxis to ferry people to and from major travel destinations such as airports, avoiding normal traffic routes and traffic lights. A plan to implement them in and around Heathrow is still being considered, but city-wide schemes are currently deemed too expensive with a network of roads estimating to cost between GBP£3 million-GBP£5 million per mile.
SkyTran: Like the 'driver-less pods', the SkyTran enables commuters to beat the traffic and cut carbon emissions. SkyTran is a personal rapid transit system that features driver-less pods on "guide-ways" built above the ground, separating them from the general road traffic. Like a metro-line, the SkyTran would feature 'exits' and 'entrances' along its guide-ways. These personal rapid transit systems would, hopefully, cut automobile use and discourage multiple car ownership.

Is this the future of transportation?.  Two peoples can be travel in this flying machine inspired by a “moving shark”. The whip-like tail acts like a rudder and only touches down when landing. Two small turbines inside the wings provide lift. I know it’s a bit out there but something about this concept makes me smile. Reminds me more of a stingray than a shark though.
Designer: Anoop M

The historic city of Prague has many sights to take in, for example the Prague Castle, the picturesque Charles Bridge or the Astronomical Clock. During the Iron Curtain era, it was one of the most visited cities of Europe. Although reliant on a tram and metro system, one of the best modes for transport is the taxi. Based on this observation was a recent event called the Prague Taxi Design and two really outstanding entries are listed after the jump….

Taxi Visitor by Diego Garcia
Taxi Visitor is based on the premise that tourists driving into the city from the airport, like to enjoy a ride where they can take in the sights and sounds on the first go. The abundant spacing and height of the cab allow for a full view and cast and everlasting impression. The color schemes for the cab are inspired by the beige plaster of the Lesser Town houses and their darker retaining wall.
Call Taxi-e by Louis Joseph Böhm
The adaptable Call Taxi-e accommodates up to six passengers and can be used for cargo services as well. The design features sliding doors and a ramp for wheelchair. Expanded windows and an airy cabin ensure a pleasant ride. The wheel driven motors are powered by batteries that are fueled by solar cells hidden on the roof.


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