Why Is Rubber Strechy?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 0 comments

Objective: To understand the polymer chemistry.

Materials Needed:

~ Plastic Tubing
~ 2 Balloons
~ 2 Clothespins

Step 1) Fill the two balloons with water one the size of a melon and the other the size of an orange.

Step 2) Twits the necks of the balloons and use the clothespin to stop the water.

Step 3) Fill your plastic tubing with water and attach the neck of each balloon to plastic tubing.

Step 4) remove the clothes pins and untwist the balloons.


Rubber is a natural polymer or messy molecular chain that can be streteched into lines, comes from tree saps that is boiled at 195*C which changes the sap into a hard transparent solid we know as rubber. Since rubber is made up of polymer chains which at rest are nothing more then a pile of messy molecular chains, rubber has the ability to stretch. When rubber is streteched or placed under stress, the messy pile of chains striaghten out into a messy line up of chians. Once the stress that was applied is removed the chinas shrink back down into thier messy piles again. So what does this stretchiness have to do with the why the small balloon squeeses water into the big ballon? Since the smaller balloon isnt stretched out as far as the big balloon, the messy chians of molecules can create more force on the water inside. Since he big balloons molecular chains are streteched out this creates thinner layers of molecular chains and it cant counter act the forces coming form the smaller balloon.


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